Archived Sermons

25-Jan-15 Reaching Our Ninevah 
1-Feb-15 He Taught as One Who had Authority 
8-Feb-15 You Are Not Insignificant 
15-Feb-15 Living Beyond Those Good Moments 
22-Feb-15 Trusting in God 
1-Mar-15 Three Aspects to   Understanding   Suffering 
8-Mar-15 Perceptions Influence Interpretation 
15-Mar-15 God Takes What is Useless, and Makes It Useful 
18-Mar-15 Guilt and Innocence - Without Jesus, We Would Only Know Guilt 
22-Mar-15 Relationships Aren't Easy 
25-Mar-15 Lost and Found - WIthout Jesus We Would Be Lost 
29-Mar-15 The Bookends of Holy Week 
3-Apr-15 Winning and Losing - WIthout Jesus, We Would Only Know Loss 
5-Apr-15 Hallelujah! He is Risen! 
12-Apr-15 Our Purpose is Found in Jesus 
19-Apr-15 Who You Gonna Call? 
26-Apr-15 Jesus is THE Good Shepherd 
3-May-15 I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches 
10-May-15 The Love of God 
17-May-15 Have You Ever Been Completely Lost? 
24-May-15 Can These Dry Bones Live 
31-May-15 Our Isaiah Moment 
7-Jun-15 He's Crazy! - Yes, Crazy Good! 
14-Jun-15 Swallowed Up By Life 
21-Jun-15 God is in Control in the Midst of Storms 
28-Jun-15 Don't Be Afraid - Just Believe 
5-Jul-15 God's Power is Made Perfect in Weakness 
12-Jul-15 Talk About Sin! 
19-Jul-15 Divided By Sin 
26-Jul-15 Promises That Get Rid of Fear 

2-Aug-15 More Important Than Bread 
9-Aug-15 Jesus Satisfies our Spiritual Hunger 
23-Aug-15 We Have a Weird Relationship With God 
30-Aug-15 Washing Hands and Hearts 
6-Sep-15 Closed Off From God 
13-Sep-15 Help My Unbelief 
20-Sep-15 To Be The Greatest 
27-Sep-15 Too Envious To See the Blessings 
4-Oct-15 What Does "Missions" Look Like 
11-Oct-15 The Deceitfulness of Sin 


We have reached the point where some old files must be archived to make room on the server for the latest sermons. I have created a list of all sermons since January 25, 2015. Archived sermons are available upon request. Just contact Frank Knight at church, or send a message in the Contact Us section.